Ryanair reports 503 M Euro Profit

Ryanair has reported record profit of 503 M Euro , up 25% on last year and evenue rose by 19% to 4.3bn euros. Breaking that down, traffic increased by 5% and average revenue per passenger went up sharply by 16%, which helped offset the 30% rise in fuel costs.

“Recession, austerity, currency concerns and lower fares at new and growing bases in Hungary, Poland, provincial UK and Spain will make it difficult to repeat this year’s record results,” Ryanair said in a statement.

Michael O’Leary said this morning that his airline could benefit in some respects from the gloomy economic outlook.”People don’t stop going on holiday. They just switch to lower cost carriers,” he said.

However, it warned profits in the current financial year could be lower.It forecast annual profits of between 400m euros and 440m euros for the year to the end of March 2013.


Recent air accidents in Nepal, Indonesia, Columbia and Pakistan

Last year ,  we reported that there was a  lower than average number of air accidents. Unfortunately in the past few weeks, there have been a number of plane and helicopter crashes in Nepal, Indonesia, Columbia and Pakistan which have reversed this trend. Below is a short synopsis of the most recent air-accidents.

May 14th : Agni Air in Nepal crashed when it hit a mountain while turning around to land

The Dornier aircraft belonging to the Agni Air . It crashed when it hit a mountain while turning around to land at Jomsom airport.

“Eleven Indian nationals, two Danish nationals and two Nepalese crew member were killed in the crash,” the official said, adding rescuers have so far recovered nine bodies from the wreckage.

According to TV reports, eight passengers, including two children, two foreigners and an air hostess, have been rescued alive.  The survivors in critical condition were flown by helicopter to the nearby city of Pokhara for treatment, said Laxmi Raj Sharma, chief government administrator in the area.


May 9th: Sokhoi (Russian Aircraft) in Indonesia crashed into a volcano half way into its demonstration flight

The crash of a new, Russian-made jetliner into a jagged Indonesian volcano during a flight to impress potential buyers has thrown doubt on dozens of plane sales just as Moscow seeks a comeback in foreign markets. All 45 people aboard were feared dead.

Search and rescue teams climbed through the difficult terrain for nearly 20 hours to reach the site where the plane roared in to the mountain at nearly 480 mph (800 kph) Wednesday, exploding and raining debris down a nearly vertical slope.

The Sukhoi Superjet-100 – Russia’s first new model of passenger jet since the fall of the Soviet Union two decades ago – was supposed to kick-start the nation’s efforts to modernize its fleet and resurrect its neglected aerospace industry.


April 30th : A Fuerza Aerea Columbiana helicopter crashed between Barranquilla and Caucasia killing all 13 on board

The Bell 212 helicopter operated by the Columbian Air Force crashed with 6 Police and 7 members of the FAC.

The deputy commander of the air combat command of the FAC, Colonel Henry Quintero, said there are no survivors from the accident helicopter bell 212 in Sabanagrande, Atlantic.

“They were 7 members of the FAC and 6 of the Judicial Police on a flight between Barranquilla and Caucasia . There are no survivors, “the official said. He added that they “started an investigation into the crash of the ship that had taken off minutes earlier from the Cacom 3, based in Malambo Atlantic.” Through a statement, the FAC noted that “The Air Force moved an inspection at the scene, in order to advance the investigations and determine the causes of the accident.”



April 20th: A Bhoja B737 crashed into farmland on its final approach into Benazir Bhutto International airport in Islamabad killing all 127 on board

The airliner was brought down in bad weather near Islamabad with 127 on board. Saifur Rehman, from a police rescue team, told a TV company: “Fire erupted after the crash. The wreckage is on fire, the plane is completely destroyed.”

There was said to be heavy rainstorms in the areas at the time flight BHO-213 went down.Navy captain Arshad Mahmood, who lives near the crash site, said: “It was really bad weather for a flight.”The pilot was forced to move down to avoid clouds that were generating the lightening and thunder.”