2011 : The safest year ever for airlines

Posted on January 6, 2012

The Economist today published an article showing that 2011 was the safest year ever for flying. Statistically, there was one accident in 1.52 million flights.

According to Ascends Director of Safety Paul Hayes , “It’s the safest year ever. Airlines are getting safer – and more quickly than they’re expanding. On average, overall airline operations are now twice as safe as they were 15 years ago.”

Nonetheless, there were still 25 fatal accidents across the world resulting in the deaths of 401 people. The three largest incidents occured in  the DR Congo , Iran and Russia. The DR of Congo had two crashes: on April 4th, the Air Zena Bombardier CRJ crashed on landing in Kishasa killing 28 passengers and 4 crew. On Jul 8th, the Hewa Bora Airways Boeing 727 overshot the runway in Kisangani killing 79 passengers and 4 crew.

While  reducing these statistics to zero is the desire of all airlines, insurers and passengers alike,  it is good to see that the trend is moving in the right direction.