November Stats from Euro Airlines

Posted on December 7, 2011

This week sees the release of some interesting data from the publicly listed airlines in europe:  namely the traffic results from Nov. These stats show the first full month of the difficult winter season and give us some insights into how  airlines are adapting to the shifting economic tides of the european market. Below is a brief summary:


November traffic stats for Ryanair show a flat LF year on year at 80% down 8pp with 4.68 million passengers. For the winter, they expect traffic to decline by about 5% .They are planning to offset the unwelcome combination of a rise in fuel and a weakness in demand by resting up to 80 aircraft.

AirFrance KLM

AirFrance KLM produced relatively positive results for the month with traffic up 2.5% on a capacity increase of 1.7% and total flown passengers of 5.87million. The slight improvement in the RASK wasn’t enough to cover the rise in the fuel bill.

On the Americas network, traffic was up 6.4% and LF was strong at 84.2%. The Asian network was down .3% in traffic but still attained a LF of  82.8%. In Europe, traffic was up 3.6% but LF was down .5pp to 70.1%.

Aer Lingus

In spite of the well-known softness in consumer sentiment in its home market,  Aerlingus issued a solid set of November figures:  a  7% increase in  Pax (year on year) ,  699k Pax, and a LF of 75.4%.This LF is the highest figure recorded in at the carrier  in this month since Nov 2007.

At the moment, EI is only trading marginally above its cash reserves(67c per share) at 71c, which assigns a negligible value to the on-going business. This shows how imperative it is that  management fully (and speedily) addresses the pension reserve deficit of c400m.